Here at Karinya Blue Natural Therapies we encourage you to ask as many questions as need be so that you can feel completely comfortable with the massage process, and what we do. There really are no “stupid” questions.

Here are some of the common questions I’ve been asked that you may find helpful.


What types of massage do you do?

I specialize in remedial massage, sports massage, and aromatherapy. Click on each link to find out more about how each one works and how they can benefit you.


How will massage help me feel better?

There are numerous physical and emotional benefits of massage. Some of the main physical benefits are increased mobility, reduced pain, enhanced immunity, improved circulation, relief from migraines, better skin, and relaxation of sore, tired and injured muscles. On an emotional level, massage can assist with depression, stress and anxiety, and better concentration.


What if I don’t know what type of massage I need?

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to know everything about massage – years of studies have made that my area of expertise! During your initial consultation I’ll find out what your body needs most, and we’ll select the type of massage that will best deliver the desired results.


Do I need to pay for the initial consultation?

Without taking the time to find out what’s going on for you and your body, it’s not possible to effectively treat your condition. Massage is a very individual experience, which needs to be personally tailored to your requirements in order to have the desired results. I feel that without the information that comes out from the initial consultation I’d be doing you a dis-service, as well as risking my reputation in the process.

It is essential to have a one-off consultation pre-massage at Karinya Blue Natural Therapies, so that together we can work towards a healthier, happier you.


Can I have a massage for less than an hour?

Having studied massage extensively for years, and understanding how your body works, a massage for less than an hour is unlikely to be effective. It takes this long to have any sort of long-lasting effect, and in fact for both remedial and sports massage, only half of your body can be treated in an hour. A full body remedial or sports massage requires 1.5 to 2 hours of massage.

An aromatherapy massage involves a process that takes 1 hour to complete, so all aromatherapy massages run for an hour.

As such, the minimum length massage you’ll receive at Karinya Blue is 1 hour.


What’s the difference between a 1.5hr massage and a 2hr massage?

Other than obviously the time and cost, the extra half hour will comprehensively treat your entire body. If you’re new to massage it’s probably best to start out with a half body massage for an hour, or a 1.5hr full body massage. If your muscles are particularly sore and need more work then we can go with the 2hr option.


How much do you charge?

We do our best to keep our pricing competitive, so you can be sure you’ll get great value out of the experience. For your convenience payment is accepted in cash, visa, mastercard and EFTPOS.  Please see our full pricing here.


Can I claim my massage through private health insurance?

You may be able to claim your massage through your private health insurance fund.  The availability of health fund rebates for your massage depends on your health fund and the type of cover included in your policy.


Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, to avoid possibly lengthy delays appointments are required for each massage. You can set up a regular day and time (every 2 or 4 weeks) if you like, or we can arrange each appointment as we go.


How quickly can you fit me in?

If you’re in pain and need help asap, I’ll always do my best to accommodate. Just call me on 4388 4751 to book it in.


What are your opening hours?

Standard hours of business are 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. The latest time slot to start your massage is 4pm. However for regular clients in chronic need of help outside these hours, I will do my best to fit you in. Just call me on 4388 4751 and we’ll come up with a day and time that works.


How often should I have a massage?

This seems like a good question, however it’s not really possible to specify a set time period that’s ideal between massages, as it varies greatly from one person to another. The ideal frequency of massage for you is dependent on your condition, what I can do for you, and how you respond to treatment. It may also be dependent on your health budget.

If you ask me this question in person at the end of your massage I’ll be in a better position to answer it accurately for you.

Remember that at Karinya Blue, every 6th massage you have is completely free, so pay for 5 massages and the next one is on me.


How many massages will it take to make me feel better?

This is impossible to answer accurately and will differ from individual to individual. Unfortunately one massage is not likely to create miracles, it’s a process of healing that continues over a period of time. The worse condition you’re in before your first massage, the longer the healing process is likely to be. Also some people’s bodies may recover a little faster than others.


Will I be in pain after my massage?

Depending on what type of massage you have, the length of your massage and the condition of your body beforehand, you may experience some pain for a few days after your massage. This is normal and is just your body adjusting to the treatment it’s been through. Drinking lots of water will help. The pain should subside after a few days, but please contact me if this isn’t the case for you.


What if I get hurt during my massage?

The chances of actually getting injured during your massage – as opposed to feeling some pain due to muscles being stirred up and put back where they should be – are extremely slim.  In the highly unlikely event that you do sustain any injuries, rest assured any costs will be covered through my insurance by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).


Can you guarantee results?

Our bodies are all unique, and can respond to the same treatment in slightly different ways. As such I cannot guarantee results – no-one can. However the chances of your Karinya Blue Natural Therapies massages being effective are extremely high.


Can I choose which oils to use in aromatherapy?

Absolutely. Some people have allergies to certain essential oils, and some people just don’t like the smell of others! We provide professional advice as to which essential oils will be most effective in your unique treatment, but ultimately essential oils are a personal thing and the choice of which to use is yours to make.


Can I have a massage with my partner?

No, we don’t do couples in massage.


Are you mobile?

No, Karinya Blue is based in Tumbi Umbi, behind Mingara Recreation Club. When you visit us here you’ll find the massage room is quiet and peaceful, in a setting that will help you relax.


Is there more than one location for Karinya Blue?

Unfortunately not, at this stage we operate only out of our workspace at Tumbi Umbi.


Do you do reflexology?

No, my areas of expertise are in remedial massage, sports massage, and aromatherapy. I prefer to stick to what I do best and do it really well, rather than providing a broader range of services and perhaps not doing any of them so well.


Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we’re happy to offer gift vouchers as a great gift idea for people who can be hard to buy for. Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months. Contact us or call on 4388 4751 to arrange.