TestimonialsOne of the most rewarding aspects of being great at what you do is being appreciated for it!  I’m lucky enough to make a real difference in other people’s lives. Here are some comments to show you what other people think of the work I do.



I was in constant discomfort. Pain woke me at night and made my sporting hobby miserable. Regular massage over 8 months at another practitioner was giving me no relief. I thought I was broken beyond repair. Out of desperation I sought help elsewhere and found John.

In the 5 sessions I have had with him I feel better than I have for nearly 12 months. I sleep without constant pain and my equestrian pursuits no longer leave me stiff and sore. He is truly a magician when is comes to finding the trouble spots and getting them to release.

I thoroughly recommend giving him a visit. It gave me back my way of life and I can’t thank him enough. – Cindy



I originally started seeing John to treat my migraines and, almost ten years later, I am still seeing him once a month as he has proven instrumental in my ongoing migraine treatment. He listens and checks in with me throughout the massage to ensure that I feel comfortable and safe on the table, and he has shown me moves I can do at home to aid in my overall well-being. I saw John before and after a 100km fun run, which helped me immensely during the run and recovering afterwards. Even after I moved an hour and a half away, I still make the trip to see John once a month and I cannot recommend him nearly enough! – Ferne



I have had several remedial massages with John, and every time I go there I am impressed by just how good he is at what he does. I have a bad back through years of bad posture, and being a permanent back injury I’m wary of who to trust. It’s obvious that John knows exactly what he’s doing and that he enjoys what he does. I’m generally a bit stressed out as a rule but I feel completely relaxed in John’s care. Highly recommend his services if you really want to fix your back and neck, or any other problem! – Ruth